Improve your letters by practicing with two different colors

improve letters two different color brush pens

Over the past few weeks, I started this habit of using two different brush pen colors to demonstrate how I connect basic strokes to form letters. I used this method in a couple of videos on my YouTube channel, in videos and photos I posted on Instagram, and here on the blog.

The feedback I have received has been amazing! The most common thing I have heard so far is how the use of two colors helps to really “see” how the basic strokes are connected. So I thought this post would be helpful to share a little bit about the method behind the madness. Read on to learn more about my new favorite teaching (and practicing!) method, followed by a video demonstration where I show you exactly how it all works.

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3 tips for connecting basic strokes to form letters

connecting basic strokes to form letters

For the past eight weeks, we’ve reviewed and practiced the basic strokes every brush calligrapher should know. Once you master the basic strokes, you are ready to form letters. Read on to learn about three key aspects to connecting basic strokes when forming letters.

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In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your brush calligraphy journey. It’s important to find the brush pen or set of pens that you feel comfortable with, understand how to use, and enjoy.

You don’t need a hundred pens, or even ten. You just need one or two, maybe three, that are your “go-to” pens.

Preferably, your brush pens should be different in some way, such as tip size,  flex, or color. This gives you options as you complete various projects. For example, you may use a smaller tip pen to write on a gift tag, but a larger, stiffer pen for a poster.

Take a look inside my toolbox to see the five brush pens I am currently using. I’ll describe each one, including pros and cons. Then you can watch my demonstration video where you will see each pen in action.

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