In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your brush calligraphy journey. It’s important to find the brush pen or set of pens that you feel comfortable with, understand how to use, and enjoy. You don’t need a hundred pens, or even ten. You just need one or two, maybe three, that are your “go-to”Continue reading “In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens”

Best tools for left-handed calligraphers

Part 1: Meet the lefties | Part 2: Best grips for lefties | Part 3: Best tools for lefties | Part 4: 7 tips for left-handed calligraphers Now that you have met my lefty calligrapher friends and heard about their best recommendations on how to grip your pen, let’s learn about their favorite calligraphy tools! While this post sharesContinue reading “Best tools for left-handed calligraphers”

My favorite paper to use for brush calligraphy

What is the best paper to use for brush calligraphy? In this post, I discuss my favorite types of paper to use and include links for you to see the paper being used (“action” shots). When using brush pens, I find it best to use paper that is smooth and non-textured. Paper that is roughContinue reading “My favorite paper to use for brush calligraphy”