My Favorite Brush Calligraphy Supplies

Before you can learn the basics and begin creating beautiful work, you should first have great supplies.

I receive endless questions about what supplies a beginning brush calligrapher needs to get started. Thus, I created this list so folks could stop at one place and get access to all of the items in my toolbox.

Read on to learn about my favorite supplies how they each help me succeed in my brush calligraphy endeavors.

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My favorite brush calligraphy supplies

Read on below for descriptions about each idea!

  1. Tombow Dual Brush Pens + blending palette+ full set of 96 colors
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens (hard tip + soft tip)
  3. Pentel Sign Pens (with brush tip) / set of 12.
  4. Sakura Koi Watercolor Brush Pens / 24 pack
  5. Rhodia dot pad / smaller dot pad
  6. Rhodia grid pad / smaller grid pad
  7. Huion Light Pad
  8. Slider Writer
  9. Pigma Micron Pens
  10. Pentel Clic Eraser + refills
  11. Sakura Gelly Rolls (white / classic / metallic / moonlight ) *just added*
  12. Rhodia ice grid pad / smaller grid pad *just added*
  13. Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils (vivid / tranquil*just added*

Brush Pens

  1. Tombow Dual Brush Pens: With a flexible brush tip on one end and a fine point on the other, this pen is perfect for calligraphy and illustration. Add a blending palette for blending fun, or get the full set of 96 colors and you will have a very happy brush calligrapher.
  2. Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens: These pens are perfect for the beginning brush calligrapher. Choose from either the hard tip or soft tip, or both!
  3. Pentel Sign Pens (with brush tip): Another great pen for the beginner. You can select your favorite colors or get the entire set of 12.
  4. Sakura Koi Watercolor Brush Pens: Similar to the Tombow dual brush, but with a smaller shell. These pens are fun to mix and blend. Get the complete 24 pack for your collection.


  1. Rhodia dot pad: The smoothest paper ever. The dot pad provides perfect subtle guidelines to help you write straight and enabling you to take clean, crisp photos of your work. Try a smaller dot pad, too.
  2. Rhodia grid pad: Perfect for initial sketches, drafts, and daily practice. Try a smaller grid pad, too.

Other Tools

  1. Huion Light Pad: Use this light pad to trace your final work, or to utilize the help of guidelines without having to erase. Perfect for addressing envelopes and creating greeting cards with ease.
  2. Slider Writer: Another perfect tool for ensuring straight lines. Avoid the tedious process of tracing, erasing, and guessing as the lines are laid out for you directly on the page.
  3. Pigma Micron Pens: Essential for every artist’s toolbox. Micron pens are great for creating guidelines and doing the necessary touch-ups for that final piece.
  4. Pentel Clic Eraser: Another necessary tool for easy and perfect clean up. Don’t forget refills!

holiday gift guide for the brush calligrapher by pieces Just a few more essentials for your toolbox…

Online Classes: Go in depth with these amazing instructional courses that you can access from your own home.

  • Brush Script Class: Learn the basics of brush lettering with the amazing Melissa Esplin of! She takes you through the fundamentals from supplies to learning letterforms and practicing. Use the code PIECES for $10 off!
  • Brush Lettering Tutorials: Learn brush lettering with Lindsey Bugbee from The Postman’s Knock!

Books: The following books cover calligraphy basics and fundamentals. While they are not specific to brush calligraphy, they provide foundational knowledge that is very transferable to brush calligraphy.

Smartphone Tripod: A simple and easy way to capture photos and videos of your brush calligraphy work with your smartphone! This tripod allows for easy adjustment and set-up.

Fintec gold palette: When used with a paintbrush, the Finetec palette provides gorgeous metallic ink for brush calligraphy. Try the Finetec pearl palette, too!

Aquash Waterbrushes: These brushes have bristles, similar to a paintbrush. They are fun to blend colors and create a more organic, raw brush calligraphy look. The 3-pack contains a large, medium, and small.

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