pieces calligraphy workshop announcement

Introduction to Brush Calligraphy

In this 4-hour workshop, you’ll learn and practice all the brush calligraphy basics:

  • How to choose and hold the brush pen
  • How to connect each stroke deliberately and carefully
  • How to use a “critical eye” when evaluating your work

Supplies: Everything you’ll need is provided – brush pens, paper, and worksheets… just bring yourself!

Class size: Limited to 10-12 students to ensure plenty of one-on-one time.

Who is this class for? This class is perfect for beginners. Whether you have only dabbled a little into brush calligraphy or never touched a brush pen, this workshop will help you build your foundation the right way and set you up for success.

And for those who are already familiar with brush calligraphy, this is a great class to refine your skills and brush up (pun intended) on your script.

Workshop Dates


04.03.16 Sat / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out

04.04.16 Sun / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out


06.25.16 Sat / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out

06.26.06 Sun / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out

07.24.16 Sun / Alameda, CA ~ sold out

08.13.16 Sat / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out

08.14.16 Sun / Sacramento, CA ~ sold out

09.18.16 Sun /  Sacramento, CA – sold out


10.09.16 Sun / Sacramento, CA – sold out

10.29.16 Sat / Monrovia, CA – sold out

11.26.16 Sat / Alameda, CA – sold out


December 2016 / Washington DC/Northern VA ~ Coming soon

January 2016 / Washington DC/Northern VA ~ Coming soon

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I can’t wait to meet you and teach you everything I know!

pieces calligraphy brush workshop two twenty studio


Contact me here anytime.

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Past Workshop Photos

58 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Cathy says:

    I want to learn how to do brush lettering. I find that I apply too much pressure (years of pen & ink), or that the pressure changes. Your lettering is perfect. I’m in Benicia in No. Cal. Sacramento is close enough for me to attend a workshop. I’m hoping you can accommodate beginners.
    Thank you,


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi Cathy! Thanks for your kind words, I truly appreciate it. Benicia is pretty close! I would absolutely love to have you in a workshop. My target audience is beginners, so it would be perfect for you! Stay in touch!


  2. Dana Lu says:

    Hi! I recently came across your instagram page and came here to see your full online world. I was actually thinking about looking up handlettering workshops in Vancouver BC (where I’m from). If you ever happen to come up here and want to hold a class, I’d love to attend (and perhaps help you set it up as well).🙂


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi Dana! I would LOVE to come to Vancouver! Until then, are you on Periscope? I plan to broadcast some videos in the next few days. Also, I am preparing an online class that will allow students from all over the country and world to learn from me! Be on the lookout for early next year (2016)!🙂🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      • Maira says:

        Hi! I’m in Jacksonville, Florida. I’d love an online work shop so that I can attend. I love your work and would love to learn some!!!


        • piecescalligraphy says:

          Hi, Maira! I am working on an online workshop, but won’t probably have it ready until later this year or early next. In the meantime, check out the courses by Melissa Esplin on (see the “Brush Script” class) or Amanda Arneill on You can also download my worksheets on my Learn page ( Hope that helps for now!


  3. Yolanda says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy and by leaning calligraphy I feel it will improve my handwriting skills. Looking forward to your class.


  4. Christie eli says:

    I just moved here ( Chico ) from Cardiff ( San Diego ). I would love to meet new people and learn an awesome art. Please keep me informed. I honestly do not know anyone except my husband….a bit lonely.


  5. Linda says:

    I’ve been hoping you would offer an in-person workshop. Your tips and videos are great! I’m sure a live workshop with you will be even better!


  6. Sarah Reddish says:

    I am always hunting for local workshops to improve my lettering and would love the opportunity to learn from you! I feel like I have the basics of brush lettering down – I’m looking for help fine-tuning what I’ve taught myself (and picked up from you on IG!). I would also like to learn more about the tools and different mediums one can use, I have a few different pens and have worked with watercolors and inks but know there are so many other options I’m not even aware of. I’m in Napa and am psyched you’re so close — please, please, please do a workshop!


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi Sarah! I would love to help you fine-tune your brush calligraphy! I am still learning watercolor brushes. Most of my experience so far is with brush pen markers. And there are TONS out there! I’m excited to teach you soon!🙂🙂


  7. jleornie says:

    Hi Sharisse!
    I’ve been a huge huge fan of your work, so you can just imagine my excitement when I realized you were located in Sac! (Currently Sacto doesnt have any modern calligraphy workshops…)The only workshop i’ve been to was BrownFox’s in SF but that’s a tad bit too far. Sac’s really close by so i’m hoping to come and take a workshop with you on brush callig! I find that my upstrokes always tend to be too strong:/ I can’t wait till you have your workshops!❤


  8. Jules says:

    Well this is exciting news! Can’t wait! I seem to have trouble with the BIG markers, like Tombow dual brush, whereas a Tombow Fudenosuke or Pentel Sign, I can get the proper up and down strokes just fine. I want to master the big brush!🙂 Also, I want to learn how to write my letters more flowy and fun, not always so proper and inside the lines… but still looking put together and not messy! (Know what I mean?!)


  9. Emma says:

    Hi my name is Emma and I live in Texas so I will not be able to attend your upcoming workshop. I was wondering if you are going to have any online classes. If no could you recommend someone who does online classes. I love your work and keep posting and sharing videos on YouTube. Thx!!


  10. Katrine says:

    I so hope you will måske an online course. I live in Denmark in Europe so I will not be able to attend your workshop in Sacremento.
    I just love your style and I’m loyal follower on Instagram.
    Best wishes and merry christmas.


  11. Vivian Hai says:

    Hi! I’m from Sacramento but I live in Davis during the school year and I was sooo happy to read that you would be hosting workshops in Sacramento! I would love to attend your workshop. I don’t have any experience with brush calligraphy so I would love to learn from you.🙂 I’m so excited!


  12. Mimi says:

    I just finished watching your basic strokes videos on YouTube. They are awesome. I’m in the Bay Area and am really excited that you are planning a workshop. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it.


  13. Stephanie Crocker says:

    My best friend and I live in American Canyon and would love to attend a workshop. I’ve been following you for months and just purchased beginner supplies! We are so excited to start learning. Please do let us know when you plan to host a workshop!


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi, Stephanie! That is so awesome to hear! How are you liking the supplies you purchased? Yes, I will certainly be announcing my workshop once I get all the details finalized. Right now, my goal is April 2016. So definitely by February, you should see an update to my “Workshops” page! Thanks so much for the support. I’m excited to teach you and your BF🙂


  14. Vanessa-Marie Torres says:

    This is so exciting! I’m here in Sacramento too, and would love to attend. I found you on Instagram around Christmas and purchased my beginner supplies shortly after. Your videos have helped me develop the fundamentals, but it would be great to take an actual class! Can’t wait to sign up!🙂 Congrats on this great opportunity!


  15. Donna Pimental says:

    You make it looks effortless! I know they say that practice makes perfect! My daughter is getting married in 2017 and we want to create some beautiful hand lettered projects. If you ever decide to have a workshop on the east coast we would both be interested. We are from Massachusetts! We will continue to follow along with your blog and wish you much success! You are a great teacher and your voice is so calm and soothing. Thank you for all you do and much success in 2016!!!


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi Donna! Wow, congrats to your daughter, and to you, mama!!!🙂 My husband’s parents are in Virginia, but we won’t be visiting until later this year. Until then, I hope I can get my online workshop put together soon so you can take it and learn everything I have to offer! If you have specific questions, feel free to send me an email.

      Thank you so kindly for your sweet words and encouragement. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations!


  16. Alyssa A. says:

    I’m in Vacaville and I’m finally getting serious about adding modern calligraphy to my design background. Going to take an online course this month, but I am so excited to hear that there will be something near me soon!


  17. Jamie Lai says:

    Hello, I’m in San Francisco and would love to take one of your workshops! What would be the general price range for your class? Thank you!!


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Hi Jamie! I should be posting my workshop details soon… For what I have in mind (an introduction to brush calligraphy) it would be between $100-150. Depends on so many things – the class length, the supplies and worksheets I am able to provide, and the depth of the course. I really hope you can make it!


  18. Noah says:

    ***Caution, contains sappy mushy content, you have been warned! 😁❤️😂***

    Sharisse!!! Congrats on doing the workshop!!! There is not many if any better teachers to learn brush lettering from, atleast any i know of!! 😁👍
    Now second point if business! Im going to figure how to open my brush pens and refill them because i need a place to catch all my tears for not getting to attend a workshop. Even if i could make the drive from So-Cal to Sacramento( is along drive for my issues right now) if i could even get anywhere close to the tution, it is already sold out. I am very bummed about missing the Pieces Inaugural Workshop 😭😭😭.
    * adding a note here!* as you remember from the IG discussion the other day, there is a group of us So-CAL-igraphers trying to get some meetups together & potentially having Pieces Calligraphy make a guest appearance😉😉 We must have dreams right?
    Enough of my rambling, i have been realky sick and cold meds make me super chatty my wife was pointing out today, i am so proud of your accomplishments as well as being a part of the process since early. I know i have said before, but As i have said before Sharisse, you have been and are a huge inspiration to me and one of the biggest factors of my process. Thank you for being a part of my world and allowing me into yours!!


    • piecescalligraphy says:

      Noah, as always, your support and encouragement mean so so much to me! Thank you for believing in me and rooting me on.

      I would absolutely be honored to hang out with the So-CAL-igraphers!!! I don’t want to promise anything just yet, but I did already tell my husband that we HAVE to take a trip this summer. *crossing fingers and toes!*


  19. Angela says:

    Hi !! Will you be having any more classes in Sacramento! I would love to attend one of your classes but I guess I missed the ones earlier this month!


  20. ♥mk says:

    Hi! Love your work! Would love to attend one of your workshop but do not live in California. Will you be doing any workshops in the Chicago area in the near future?


  21. Liz jones says:

    I’m so bummed! It seems your Sacramento classes in July and August are sold out! Will you be adding more classes??


  22. Gabriella says:

    Just want to let you know that you’re awesome!! Can’t wait to meet you . Hope you’ll do workshops around Chino Hill Cali. Blessings


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