My favorite calligraphy supplies

Often I am asked what supplies I use, particularly in my Instagram posts.

I share my favorites in this post and hope they can help those who are starting out or looking to find better supplies.

This is just a basic list for now. Over time, I’ll add more to this list and go into depth with each category.

practice makes perfect | pointed pen

Pointed Pen

Nibs: I use the Zebra G about 90% of the time. This is partly because it is not too flexible, which is perfect for my firm grip, and it holds ink really well for me. My other favorite nib is the Hunt 22.

Check out the Copperplate nib sampler from Paper & Ink Arts if you can’t decide which nibs to get first!

nibs in a row

Oblique holder: Since I’ve tried the oblique holder, I cannot get myself to use a straight one! This holder helps achieve that angle and it is really comfortable.


Kuretake Sumi Ink: I love Sumi ink! It is archival, it sticks to the nib, and it looks really smooth on paper. It is very corrosive, however, so I have to remember to wash my nibs immediately after use.

India Ink: Less harsh than Sumi ink, India ink is what I first learned to write with and it has been a great ink to use. I have used it for final pieces and have had generally no issues with it.

Tombow dual brush pens

Brush Calligraphy Pens

Tombow dual brush pen: If you haven’t heard about my love for Tombow by now, you’ve either been living under a rock or just haven’t yet caught up with me on Instagram. I write with these pens often and have about five of them in my purse at all times, no joke. I share more of my love for these pens on last week’s Tombow brush pen post.

Pentel sign fude touch: My next loved brush pen is the Pentel sign fude touch pen. The flexibility and fine tip of this pen really make it for me. I use this pen for smaller pieces, or pieces that require smaller sized writing. You can get the full set of colors with this 12-pack!

Other writing tools

Sharpie (especially metallics Sharpies! Yes, I wrote that first photo in the listing, as well as this writing in this listing!)

Micron pens: A must have for every letterer! Be sure to get different sizes. I tend to use the 08 or 05 first, and then add detail with an 03 or 02.

Rhodia dot pad


Cardstock: I typically use 65- or 110-lb cardstock for my final pieces. I have had great experiences writing with a variety of tools and in different styles, including watercolor.

Rhodia dot pad: The Rhodia dot pad is my absolutely favorite. These are what I use in a lot of my Instagram posts! They provide a guide, but without being as obnoxious as gridded or graph paper.

Legal pads: Good ol’ legal pads are great for practice! The lines are super helpful and I love being able to easily tear a page off.

Well there you have it! A quick list of the supplies you will find in my craft room. Hope you find it helpful!

*This post does not include any affiliate links and I do not receive commission for promoting any of the above items.

~ ~ ~

It’s your turn!

Is there a type of supply you want to hear more about?

What are your favorite supplies to use?

Is there something you think I should try out? Let me know – I love trying new things!

~ ~ ~

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16 thoughts on “My favorite calligraphy supplies

  1. Love all your tools – I have almost everything but the Rhodia dot tablet & the Tombow blending kit. I have been um… a collecter I guess you can say lol instead of an actual letter writer 🙂 You def are my one of my favorite IG peeps! Love seeing your work pop up on my IG feed!


    1. You are not alone, Jossie! I find myself buying things just to add to my collection, but it would be good if I could actually USE EM!!! Thanks so much for your super kind words – they mean so much to me. Let me know if there’s ever anything you need or would like to see more of! 🙂 🙂


  2. I am so proud of you for finally starting your blog! I am in the process of trying to come up with my “company” name for IG and possibly an Etsy store. It makes me so happy to see that you are just starting out with the blog too! The more you do, the easier it will get, or so I’ve heard! I look forward to many more posts from you! If you’ve got any suggestions for coming up with my branding “name,” I’d love to hear them! I’m FREAKING out about it…… it’s a weird feeling to “brand” yourself and come up with a name that makes sense!!!!! hahaha


    1. Hi, Megan! Thank you so much! Your words of encouragement and support mean the world to me.

      Are you on Instagram? I’d love to see your work and get a sense for “who you are” and what kind of emotions your work provoke.

      My best advice on picking a name: Keep it simple, unique/catchy, and related to your work. Here’s why:

      Simple – Why do we remember names like Nike? Tiffanys? Costco? They’re easy! Easy to spell. Not complicated.

      Unique/Catchy – Of course, you want to stand out and make it special to YOU. I would write out a list of all adjectives describing you, your work, and things you love. Maybe something will stand out to you. But in conjunction with being simple, don’t be too unique where only you really know how to spell it, or it is not catchy where people won’t remember it.

      Related to your work – If you create vintage & elegant jewelry, you would want a name like “Spunky Bling.” Likewise, if you create quirky & wild apparel, you wouldn’t want a name like, “Blissful Threads.” This doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique name that is unrelated. I know of a very prestigious photography company that used to be named “Tiny Water” (um, what?). But at least “Tiny Water” was unique AND simple enough for me to remember to this day!

      Hope this all helps and best wishes! Keep me posted…


      1. Hey Sharisse!
        You are actually already following me on Instagram! 🙂 I am @meganleigh52 at the moment. Though I’ll probably be starting a separate account once I’ve decided on a name. I think my big thing right now is I’m trying to create a name that doesn’t limit my options when it comes to an etsy store or what not. I’ve got lots of amazing ideas considering the fact that I am ADD as all get out and I have Narcolepsy. . . But somehow, the “Sleepy Scripter” doesn’t really seem like it would be a great name for trying to get people to hire me out for commissions! LOL

        I look forward to following you and many others on IG and hope to gain inspiration from what I see. Maybe once I get it down to a few options, I can do a “contest” or something to have all my lettering friends help me choose! 🙂



        1. Hi, Megan! Choosing a name for social media, an online store, or a blog can be very challenging. I love this article by Jeff Goins, one of my favorite writers and bloggers: “Finding the Perfect Domain Name for Your Blog.” Look it up and I hope it helps! Looking forward to hearing what name you pick!


  3. Hi Sharisse! It’s me again. I have questions.

    Does the speedball oblique pen holds majority of the nibs from the copperplate nib sampler?

    If YES, should I get those or start with Tombow pens first instead of doing dip ink calligraphy since I am a beginner?

    I bought a starter kit with short videos just to get the hang of it and still saving up for a class hopefully (in-person one). I’m still overwhelmed and just want to buy every recommendations. Adding them up can be costly… thinking I can put the budget for a class.

    Thank you.


    1. Well, hello! 🙂 The speedball oblique holder should hold majority of nibs. So far, the nibs I have experienced that do not fit it are smaller and require, obviously, a smaller nib holder.

      From my experience, I do think starting with the Tombow pens is MUCH easier and allow you to really focus on the technical, correct form of calligraphy. Pointed pen (nib + ink) adds a layer of complexity since it is a tool most beginners are unfamiliar with.

      It does add up! Which is why I hope to make my posts and videos as helpful as possible because I know sometimes it’s hard to invest in something in the beginning, when you’re not even sure how far you want to take it. Let me know what other questions you have. Thanks, Ish!


  4. Hi 🙂 I have a question I bought some pentel sign pen, but the tip is hard I see in your videos that your tip moves like a brush…. whats the difference?????


    1. Hey there! Maybe you got a non-flexible tip. I’m not quite sure what other options there are. The best luck I’ve had is purchasing the pens directly from Those pens are the exact ones I use in my posts and videos. Hope this helps! I’ll look more into different types of pentel pens and report back!


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