Improve your letters by practicing with two different colors

Over the past few weeks, I started this habit of using two different brush pen colors to demonstrate how I connect basic strokes to form letters. I used this method in a couple of videos on my YouTube channel, in videos and photos I posted on Instagram, and here on the blog. The feedback I haveContinue reading “Improve your letters by practicing with two different colors”

3 tips for connecting basic strokes to form letters

For the past eight weeks, we’ve reviewed and practiced the basic strokes every brush calligrapher should know. Once you master the basic strokes, you are ready to form letters. Read on to learn about three key aspects to connecting basic strokes when forming letters.

5 reasons you should master basic brush calligraphy strokes

Happy Holidays! It has been lovely spending time with family and friends. I wish you all the same. The past eight weeks, I have shared with you the basic strokes every brush calligrapher should know. From the entrance stroke to the full pressure stroke, you learned how to create each basic stroke, the letters they areContinue reading “5 reasons you should master basic brush calligraphy strokes”