In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your brush calligraphy journey. It’s important to find the brush pen or set of pens that you feel comfortable with, understand how to use, and enjoy. You don’t need a hundred pens, or even ten. You just need one or two, maybe three, that are your “go-to”Continue reading “In my toolbox: A review of five brush calligraphy pens”

Transitioning from thick to thin strokes

Mastering when and how to transitioning your brush calligraphy stroke from thick to thin can be extremely frustrating. Trust me, I know. I know because I was there just over a year ago. And honestly, I still struggle with this skill even now. But the good news is, you get to hear my best tips IContinue reading “Transitioning from thick to thin strokes”

Why you should focus on the direction your brush pen faces

In previous posts, I gave overviews of how to hold the brush pen and the angle at which you should hold it. I explained that the key to writing with the brush pen is to focus on the angle of pen to the page, and that you shouldn’t hold the pen upright. But I didn’t tell you the full story.Continue reading “Why you should focus on the direction your brush pen faces”