31 days of brush calligraphy (#youtober series)

Hey friend!

WOW, it’s been way too long. I’d go on and on about what I’ve been up to (which include launching my first full-length online course and having my 3rd baby, within the same month!), but I’m too excited to just cut to the chase.

Here’s the latest and most exciting project I’m working on:


YouTober is a YouTube challenge to film a video a day for the entire month of October.

Yes – that’s 31 videos in 31 days!!!

Come take a peek and follow along as I finish out the month. I’d love for you to say hi and even leave a comment with some future video ideas (or just say hi!).

That’s all for now. Go check out my YouTober series and I’ll catch you later!

I’m teaching at the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0!

Well,  hello  there!!!

I’m dusting off the blog after months. Whoo hoo!

First off, HI! *waves frantically, jumping up and down*… I miss you all and am grateful for all the kind comments and emails you continue to send me!

and second… I have exciting news…

I’m teaching at the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0!


What is MCS 2.0? It’s an online calligraphy conference, jam-packed with value: instructional videos, downloadable worksheets, live Q&A sessions, a private Facebook group, and more.

You’ll learn not only from me, but from SIX other calligraphers. And trust me. They. Are. AWESOME!

MCS instructors

The best part? You can join from ANYWHERE in the world. No need to travel, no need to dress up. Just log in from home and drink up the calligraphy goodness.

Want in? Early bird pricing is lasting just FIVE days (8-26 to 8/31), so head on over now to sign up. This is a small window of time, so go go go!

Please use my link! I get credit for each sign up through MY link, so I’d really appreciate you for using it. Thanks in advance!

I’ll “see” you at the summit!

MCS 2.0@moderncalligraphysummit

Brush Calligraphy Workshops in Sacramento, California

Workshop announcement for Instagram 5-27-16

Well, hello there! It has been a while since I took a break from blogging/YouTubing.

While it has been quiet here on the blog, I have been avidly working on putting together more in-person workshops. These workshops are right here in my hometown, Sacramento, California. They are four-hours long and designed to give you a solid introduction to brush calligraphy. You can read more about my workshops here.

pieces calligraphy workshop announcement

If you’re local or willing to travel, I would love to have you in class! There’s nothing like one-on-one, in-person instruction and live demonstrations.

And if you’re not close enough to join me this time, stay tuned. I’ll be heading to Los Angeles this fall and the Northern Virginia/DC area in December.


Sharisse signature - pieces calligraphy

~ ~ ~

Are you located close to Sacramento? If not, tell me in a comment below where you are located. I’d love to host a workshop there!