Be right back!


I will be taking a short break from my usual weekly blogging and YouTubing.

Your suggestions for future posts, questions, and inquiries have not been forgotten. In fact, I have written them all down and cannot wait to get you your answers.

I simply want to postpone my promises of more content instead of breaking them. There are several (exciting!) projects I currently have on my plate, and thus my focus for the next few weeks will be on them.

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My first workshop!

brush calligraphy workshop sacramento california with pieces calligraphy

Hello, friends!

This week, I am taking a break from the usual Sunday tutorial, tip, or how-to post… My excitement is too much to bear!

After months of blogging, YouTubing, and Instagramming, I will be hosting my very first in-person workshop!

brush calligraphy workshop sacramento california with pieces calligraphy

Being able to teach you face-to-face and provide in-depth, one-on-one instruction will make a world of a difference in building your brush calligraphy foundation. I am so excited to finally get started with workshops.

Head on over to my workshops page to register and learn more!

brush calligraphy workshop sacramento california with pieces calligraphy

And don’t you worry. I will be back next week with our usual Sunday programming. Get ready for a new blog series!

In case you can’t wait, here’s a sneak peek: We’ll be picking up right after the basic stroke series and going into depth on connecting them. Connecting the basic strokes are the next step in creating those beautiful letters!

If you haven’t yet checked out the basic stroke series, you can start here with the entrance stroke, or head over the basic strokes page for a list of all the posts. Get to practicing and then meet me back here for the connections series!

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Want to get a head start? Check out these posts on connecting basic strokes:

Why you should master the basic strokes

Tips for connecting basic strokes to form letters

Practice connecting basic strokes with two colors

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How to improve thin upstrokes

improving thin upstrokes
While I have discussed thin upstrokes in previous blog posts and videos, I’ve gotten a lot more questions recently about thin upstrokes on my blog, on Instagram, and my YouTube channel. Many of you have asked me for tips on improving the thin upstroke, why your thin upstrokes do not seem thin enough, and how to avoid shakiness when creating them.

Understanding how thin strokes are created and used in conjunction with thicker strokes will enable you to create basic strokes, letters, and eventually words. The challenging part about creating thin strokes is the transition to (and from) thick strokes. Before we get to those transitions, let’s talk about thin upstrokes in a bit more detail and then discuss some ways to improve your thin upstrokes.

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