Improve your brush calligraphy by practicing thin and thick strokes

The variation of thick and thin strokes truly define calligraphy. It is important to practice these different strokes and understand how they connect to form each letter. This is advice I am sharing with you that I wish I could have embraced better when I first started. When I first started doing calligraphy, I wanted to hurry upContinue reading “Improve your brush calligraphy by practicing thin and thick strokes”

How to do brush calligraphy with the Tombow blending palette (+ a video!)

When Brittany from Tombow first sent me the Tombow blending palette to try, I ashamedly let the palette sit in the corner of my crafting table, staring at me for a while. Why didn’t I dive right into this amazing tool that effortlessly blends my favorite brush pens? I had no clue what to do.