Make your brush calligraphy strokes thinner

Calligraphy is defined by its distinct thick and thin strokes. It can be a challenge achieving the proper variation in stroke thickness, especially when first learning any form of calligraphy and getting used to the required tools, hand and body positioning, and technique. When first learning brush calligraphy, you want to establish a solid foundationContinue reading “Make your brush calligraphy strokes thinner”

A comparison of my favorite brush calligraphy pens

Not all brush pens are created equal. Yes, they allow you to write brush calligraphy. But they are all different in their own way. From the look and feel of the pen itself, the sharpness, flexibility, and stroke width of the tip, and even the shade and amount of ink that spills out – these differences contribute toContinue reading “A comparison of my favorite brush calligraphy pens”

How to hold the brush calligraphy pen

Maintaining control over your brush pen is crucial when first learning brush calligraphy. However, it can be a challenge figuring out how to best hold the pen, control your movement, and position your body, arms, and hands. The hardest part is finding what works best for you. Even after I share with you how I holdContinue reading “How to hold the brush calligraphy pen”