How to hold your brush pen at an angle

I’ve written about brush calligraphy being defined by its distinct thin and thick strokes. I’ve shared my favorite brush pens and how they work to create brush calligraphy. But some of you are still wondering, how does it really work? What is involved with this process of creating brush calligraphy? How do you get the words from pen toContinue reading “How to hold your brush pen at an angle”

Tips for improving your brush calligraphy: Thin and thick stroke drills

I get it. You see calligraphy everywhere. There are amazing, talented artists and they seem to just write with ease. You wonder how on earth you will get there. Despite any artistic abilities, you must practice in order to improve. And not just any practice. But a deliberate practice. How can you deliberately practice? You can breakContinue reading “Tips for improving your brush calligraphy: Thin and thick stroke drills”

Beginner supplies for brush calligraphy

The number one question I am asked about brush calligraphy is: What supplies does a beginner need to get started? My answer: All you need to get started with brush calligraph is a brush pen and some paper. Really! That’s it. Yes, you can get more fancy and throw in some other supplies, such as rulers,Continue reading “Beginner supplies for brush calligraphy”