Be right back!


I will be taking a short break from my usual weekly blogging and YouTubing.

Your suggestions for future posts, questions, and inquiries have not been forgotten. In fact, I have written them all down and cannot wait to get you your answers.

I simply want to postpone my promises of more content instead of breaking them. There are several (exciting!) projects I currently have on my plate, and thus my focus for the next few weeks will be on them.

blogging video break | pieces brush calligraphy

In the meantime…

Until I join you again every Sunday, thank you so much for following along on my brush calligraphy journey. Whether you have been here since day one, or just recently found me, I encourage you to check out or revisit some of my favorite beginning brush calligraphy posts:

You can also find a list of all my supplies here:

My favorite brush calligraphy supplies

blogging video break | pieces brush calligraphy

You can also find me on Instagram or you can send me a note. I read all of your comments and e-mails, so be sure to tell me what you are struggling with and how I can help you with brush calligraphy. I’m excited to come back full force and with more content and tutorials so you can continue improving in your own brush calligraphy journey.

See you soon!

blogging video break | pieces brush calligraphy

8 thoughts on “Be right back!

  1. Thanks for everything you do in the calligraphy community! Enjoy some well deserved time away. Hope you can get in some rest and relaxation!


  2. Good luck with your projects! I have loved and valued every Sunday ‘ping’ in my inbox from you. My brush calligraphy has improved enormously with your clear instruction. Thanks so much!! Siobhan 🙋


  3. I just read a devotional on First 5 discussing the importance of rest. I hope you will also take some true rest during your break. We love you and all you do for us. I will still be here when you return:)


    1. Thanks so so much, Trish! I really appreciate that. I underestimate my need for rest, and then my body finally tells me as it is shutting down and really feeling the strain of all my activities. I love you all, too, and cannot wait to be back to pick up from where we left off!


  4. I also underestimate the need for rest but over last year and the last few months in particular I have realized how essential it is. Think about what you would value looking back in ten years time. Enjoy your time and thinking of you.


    1. Oh thank you so much, Kim! I love that reminder to keep things in perspective. A great reminder for everyone! Especially since my boys are only 2.5 years old – these times are precious and fleeting. I hate that I miss so much of their growing lives because my face is in front of a screen.


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