Take better photos of your calligraphy: Simple Instagram editing tips

A huge part of my calligraphy process is capturing and showcasing my work. When I first started my calligraphy journey, I was very shy and hesitant to post a photo, afraid of what others would think. I slowly put my work out there, and very soon discovered how generous and supportive the calligraphy community is! While it is ideal toContinue reading “Take better photos of your calligraphy: Simple Instagram editing tips”

Make your brush calligraphy strokes thinner

Calligraphy is defined by its distinct thick and thin strokes. It can be a challenge achieving the proper variation in stroke thickness, especially when first learning any form of calligraphy and getting used to the required tools, hand and body positioning, and technique. When first learning brush calligraphy, you want to establish a solid foundationContinue reading “Make your brush calligraphy strokes thinner”

Start handlettering today and build your calligraphy foundation

The world of handlettering is vast and extends far to each corner of the world. It’s amazing, but can be a bit scary. There is a lot to learn and tons of content being produced every second, and you wonder if you could ever “catch up” or be as good as you hope to be. WhileContinue reading “Start handlettering today and build your calligraphy foundation”