Weekly Check-In 11.10.2017

Hey Rockstar!

Just checking in to send you some good vibes today. Sometimes we need a little nudge (or a real kick in the pants!) to get those creative juices going. #realtalk

November Challenge

Last Friday, I kicked off MONTHLY CHALLENGES, beginning with November! Here’s this month’s challenge prompt:

What is your number one goal when it comes to brush calligraphy?

Check back HERE to the original email for details on how to participate!

(By the way, you’re NOT on Facebook, hang tight! I’m working on a non-FB way for you to participate. In the meantime, you can hit reply to this email to tell me your number one goal!)

Do ONE thing today

Now here’s where that (friendly) kick in the pants comes in!

I want you to do just one thing that gets your closer to that goal. One thing, OK? I know you. You’re trying to juggle 283013 on your to-do list, AND catch up on Netflix, AND squeeze in some brush calligraphy practice.

I’m totally with you. Trying to force every little thing onto my plate. It’s exhausting!

So just pick ONE thing. I know it hurts, but trust me. Forward, no matter how slow, is better than nothing.

My goal is to STUDY, so one thing I’m going to do today is read Eleanor Winter’s “Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy” for 15 minutes. I’m setting my timer, hiding from my kids and hubby (don’t judge me!), and spending these precious minutes to study.

Hit reply to this email and tell me your ONE thing.

If you don’t get to it today, no worries!!! There’s always the next day. And the next. Seriously! Just be ready to do that ONE THING the next moment you get.

My intention is for you to get intentional about these goals and small steps to get there so that you’re practice continues on.

Have an amazing weekend and I’ll catch you next week!


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