Unsubscribe: Workshop mailing list

You’ve got it!
You will no longer receive emails about upcoming in-person workshops.

It’s sad to see you go…
But I totally get not wanting/needing any more emails in that inbox of yours.

Still want to learn brush calligraphy?
Maybe the in-person workshop wasn’t totally for you… Are you interested in a different type of learning experience, or keeping up with me online? Check out these other places:

  • YouTube – tons of videos to get started and boost those skills!
  • Instagram – hop on over and please say hi!
  • online course – a full-length course that teaches you all of the basics and more!

~ ~ ~

If this was a mistake and you’d still like to receive workshop announcements, please send me a note at hello@piecescalligraphy.com and we’ll get you back on my list.

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