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Student trainings are for Pieces Calligraphy Students only (both in-person and online course).

What are Live trainings?

Live Trainings are online training sessions for students of my online course and in-person workshops. Tune in for live demos, answers to your questions, and feedback on your work.

You can join right from your very own home, wherever you’re located. You can participate in the live chat to ask questions and connect with other students.

Live Trainings are held on the last Saturday of the month at 9 am PST (12 pm EST).

Use this Time Zone Converter to find out the time in your location.
Note: Schedule is subject to change. I’ll send out an announcement with any changes.

Beginner Series (collage)


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How to join the Training:

  1. Trainings are located on YouTube. You DO NOT need a YouTube account to join the live event.
  2. I will send you an email when a new Live Training is scheduled.
  3. Open my email and click on the training link.
  4. When the training starts, refresh on your browser if you don’t see it yet.
  5. If the link doesn’t work, you may need to update your browser or check your Internet connection.

How to participate in the live chat:

Do you want to write comments LIVE, ask questions, and engage with me and other viewers? You must create a YouTube channel to do so.

Click the link below to create a channel:

Create a YouTube Channel

Already have a YouTube channel? You’re good to go! You can start chatting with me even BEFORE the training starts 🙂