Online Course Videos

Welcome Video

Module 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1 What is brush calligraphy?

Lesson 1.2 Types of Calligraphy

Lesson 1.3 Supplies & Workspace

Lesson 1.4 My favorite supplies

Module 2: Using the Brush Pen

Lesson 2.1 About the brush pen

Lesson 2.2 Ratios & Guidelines

Lesson 2.3 Grip & Positioning

Lesson 2.4 Thin up, thick down

Module 3: Basic Strokes

Lesson 3.1 What are basic strokes?

Lesson 3.2a Entrance and exit strokes

Lesson 3.2b Underturn stroke

Lesson 3.2c Overturn stroke

Lesson 3.2d Compound curve

Lesson 3.2e Oval

Lesson 3.2f Ascending stem loop

Lesson 3.2g Descending stem loop

Lesson 3.2h Full pressure stroke

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