How to blend with the Tombow blending palette and dual brush pens

Blending colors is so much fun!

Blending also allows you to bring more color into your work, and experiment with various color pairings.

This is great news especially for someone like me, who often gravitates toward using only one color in an entire piece. I am surprisingly not creative (or brave?) enough to use multiple colors at once. With my work usually being very simple, the blending palette allows me to add a little more spice to my work.

When I first wrote about blending colors with the Tombow blending palette and dual brush pens a few months ago, I remember such a great response from people wanting to learn more and see more demonstrations. In this post, I will review the steps to blend and share a new video at the end!

Tombow blending palette

Steps to blend

Follow these steps below to blend brush pens and create a beautiful gradient effect.

1. Gather all of your supplies: Tombow blending palette, Tombow dual brush pens, paper.

Tombow blending palette

2. Choose two colors to blend. For best results, select two colors that contrast against each other, such as one light and one dark color.

3. Put the ink of the darker colored pen onto the blending palette. Literally write onto the blending palette so that ink remains on the surface. Be sure you are holding the pen at the proper angle to avoid fraying.

Tombow blending palette

4. Pick up the darker ink with your lighter colored pen. With the lighter colored pen, write over the darker colored ink that you just put on the blending palette. The idea is to “pick up” the darker colored ink onto the tip of your lighter colored pen.

Tombow blending palette

You can see in this photo below that the darker ink is now on the tip of the lighter colored pen. Do not worry about permanently staining your pens as long you only use Tombow dual brush pens. These pens are self-cleaning, meaning that they will return to their original color the more you write with the pen.

Tombow blending palette

5. Time to write! Be sure you are holding the pen at the proper angle, and write whatever your heart desires!

Tombow blending palette

If you notice the darker colored ink fading out too quickly, you can retouch your lighter colored pen to the blending palette, or start the process over by putting the dark ink onto another part of the palette.

Video: Blend colors with the Tombow blending palette

Be sure to also check out my first post on using the blended palette. You’ll find more awesome photos and another video!

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It’s your turn!

Have you tried using the Tombow blending palette? How was your experience?

What two colors would you like to see blended?

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10 thoughts on “How to blend with the Tombow blending palette and dual brush pens

    1. Hi Azni! Yes – you can certainly create a blending palette. Try using packaging tape on a thick piece of paper, or an old CD case, or anything with a plastic, nonporous surface (like a container). Hope that helps!


    1. Great question! I haven’t tried yet, but I can imagine that they can be blended. Like the Tombow dual brush pens, the Koi brush pens are also waterbased. If you give it a try, let me know how it goes. Otherwise, I will work on finding out for you!


  1. I really don’t like this website layout…it’s a little disconcerting that your blog posts are all one one side of the screen- Maybe it’s just this way for desktop views.


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